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Wharves & Jetties

MCM has an unequalled record in the delivery of technically challenging rehabilitation projects to tight budget and time constraints. We are, first and foremost, project managers with the systems, expertise and resources to undertake any difficult rehabilitation contract.

We have carried out a large number of repair and protection contracts on wharves and jetties in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The types of work typically undertaken in such projects may include concrete repair, crack injection, cathodic protection, pile jacketing and protective coatings.

There is a variety of risks and restraints in such work, and a sound track record is essential if the work is to be done safely, reliably and on time.

For example, most of these restoration projects have been undertaken on operational facilities, which may be handling container traffic, bulk grains, minerals, general cargo or dangerous liquids at the same time as the work is being done. Ship movements, container carriers and dangerous cargoes are among the risks that have to be dealt with on a daily basis. In addition, specialist access systems have to be designed in-house and purpose-built in order to carry out the work, often within the tidal range.

Our knowledge of environmental and operating conditions at these facilities ensures that we can minimise the risks, whether they be OHS, environmental or simply efficiency of performance, and can deliver challenging and significant projects to the owner's requirements.

MCM measures client satisfaction in part by the amount of repeat business it generates, and we have completed many projects for the same Port Authorities over the past ten years. This has given us an extensive knowledge of the condition and maintenance history of many of the major port facilities on the Eastern coast. We are able to offer this continuity of experience as an added value to our services when the owner or operator requires additional background.

The sample projects on this page are indicative of the enviable number of ports at which MCM has completed multiple rehabilitation and maintenance projects. We are able to work as main contractor, subcontractor or in partnership with the client. Our work force and supervision is skilled and mobile, and forms the core of every project we undertake whether it is large or small.