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Projects in Focus

Unit 9/41-43
Higginbotham Rd,
Gladesville NSW 2111
­(02) ­9816 ­2452


We rehabilitate and strengthen concrete and steel civil structures, buildings and structures of heritage importance. Our core skills are:

Concrete Repair:
Rendered repair
Gunite (sprayed concrete)
Corrosion inhibitors
Crack injection
Joint replacement
Fa├žade repair

Pile Maintenance:
Concrete jackets (including underwater)
Polyethylene & petrolatum tape jackets
Polymer composite fabric wrapping
Corrosion control

Protective Coatings:
Silane impregnation
Concrete coatings
Steel coatings

Access Systems:
Suspended decks
Floating plant
Purpose-built scaffolds

Cathodic Protection:
Impressed-current systems
Galvanic (passive) systems
Cathodic prevention
Hybrid anode systems

Electrochemical Treatment:
Chloride extraction
Hybrid Anodes

Structural Strengthening:
Bonded plate reinforcement
Polymer composite strips and wraps
Fabric-formed concrete

Bearings & Joints Replacement:
Bridge bearings
Expansion joints

Brick & Stone Work:
Sea walls

As specialist contractors with technical expertise, we are able to offer all the components necessary to a structural refurbishment project. These may include for example, design and specification and access systems.

We are able to work as main contractor, subcontractor or in partnership with the client. Our work force and supervision is skilled and mobile, and forms the core of every project we undertake, whether it is large or small.