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MCM has an unequalled record in the delivery of technically challenging rehabilitation projects to tight budget and time constraints. We are, first and foremost, project managers with the systems, expertise and resources to undertake any difficult rehabilitation contract.

We have completed a wide variety of repair and protection projects on structures in both commercial and industrial environments and our staff has an enviable collective experience in such work. This expertise is invaluable in ensuring we can deliver challenging and significant projects on time and to the owner's requirements.

The types of work typically undertaken by MCM include: concrete repair, cathodic protection, protective coatings, crack injection, floor joint replacement and structural strengthening.

There is a variety of risks and restraints in such work, and a sound track record is essential if the work is to be done safely, reliably and on time.

For example, safety is a paramount concern in an industrial setting, where existing plant may be operating continuously and documented procedures are essential for isolating equipment and working in confined spaces. Additionally, repairs are often necessary in awkward locations, either at height or near operating equipment, and the presence of hazardous chemicals must be adequately addressed.

Our safety system is designed to deal with all such issues while complying with any site-specific requirements of our client, and our safety record is excellent (from 2001 to 2008, NOSI statistics published by Safe Work Australia show that MCM's Accident Frequency Rate and Incidence Rate are better than one-third of the national average for the industry).

MCM recognises that continuation of business is a priority for our corporate and industrial clients. To this end we plan and manage our projects in order to minimise any inconvenience from the work and to ensure that all required processes remain fully operational throughout. When plant shut-downs are required, we are familiar with the constraints of working to tight and non-negotiable programmes and we can deliver shift work, extended hours and increased resources as required. Our management systems are sufficiently flexible to deal with unforeseen changes at short notice.

The expertise provided by our systems, our staff and our experience is invaluable in ensuring we can deliver challenging and significant projects to the owner's requirements.