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Buildings & Heritage

MCM has an unequalled record in the delivery of technically challenging rehabilitation projects to tight budget and time constraints. We are, first and foremost, project managers with the systems, expertise and resources to undertake any difficult rehabilitation contract.

We have completed a wide variety of building repair and protection projects, from commercial premises to heritage public structures.

The types of work typically undertaken include: concrete repair, cathodic protection, protective coatings, crack injection, underpinning, facade joint resealing and brick and stone repairs.

There is a variety of risks and restraints in such work, and a sound track record is essential if the work is to be done safely, reliably and on time.

For example, much exterior refurbishment work on buildings is done at height, which requires specialist moveable access systems such as mast-climbers, swing stages and elevated work platforms. These access systems must be installed and operated by trained and experienced staff. Similarly, most buildings continue to be used during the rehabilitation work, and it is important to control aspects of the work such as noise, dust and water so that the occupants are inconvenienced as little as possible. Often, the structure being refurbished has a heritage value, and it is essential in such circumstances that the new work matches the original as closely as possible.

Our staff has an enviable collective experience in building rehabilitation work of all kinds. This expertise is invaluable in ensuring we can deliver challenging and significant projects to the owner's requirements.

The sample projects on this page indicate the variety of building refurbishment contracts completed by MCM in different parts of Australia.